Sunday, April 30, 2006

When left without supervision for too long

My Puritan work ethic degrades into this -

My relaxed posture and causal attitude towards footwear should not be taken as indication that I am not doing my job. Oh no - that is my expense report that you seen on the screen before you. I think. I mean, there should also be receipts in front of me if I'm doing my expense report, and I remember them being there, they just didn't make it into the picture. But I am definitely doing WORK! You don't see Snood on that monitor.

A brief orientation to my cubicle for those of you who have never had the pleasure before. On the far wall you will see part of my Belizian parrot Pride poster. I ganked this from HR Kristin just so that I would have a little piece of Heather Kirkwood with me always. There are too many coffee cups in the picture, this is because I stockpile them until I actually HAVE to wash them. My self-imposed limit is three. The purple Nalgene bottle was a gift from my dear sister Katie Musar. It originally came filled with candy that was very difficult to get out. Now it gets filled up with water at least twice a day and, as a result, becomes my main contributor to inefficiency as I have to leave my desk every 30 minutes to pee.

All those papers in the trays to my left - we try not to think about those. Ditto the papers in front of the trays. The big black leather chair is the most recent addition to my cube and also the cause of my new attitude towards professionalism. Its days are numbered, but what wonderful days they have been.

You will also hopefully notice the very high wildlife contingent in my little "office." On the monitor you will see part of a carved wooden rhino, and though the picture does not show this, she is leading two baby rhinos as they make their epic trek across the wilds of my desk. We've already noted the Belize poster, but there is another that is not pictured. This one is a very early pre-Pride poster for saving the snow leopard, it makes me think of my mom. There is my little turtle made of shells that Maureen brought me back from Palau, and my very cool bumper sticker from the African Wildlife Foundation that says "Tusk Tusk, Poor Elephants." The flowers on top of the cabinet are fake...I'm not good with plants.

This was all brought to you by Heather "Too Good for Accounting" Murphy, a faithful reader and friend of the Elizabeth/Lizzie Musar blog. We were very lucky to catch her on film during a recent visit to my cube...she can be very elusive...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Allergy Blues

Blog readers, meet my mortal enemy - pollen. Tonight, as I sit in bed unable to sleep and unable to breathe, I am reminded yet again that nature blows.

Further evidence of my extreme narcissism - I chose this picture because the shape of the molecular structure reminds me of my hair. It's twisty spirals in some parts and straightaway waves in others. Incidently, the structure of insulin is very similar and also resembles my hair, as I announced loudly to my Women in Science classmates junior year. Ironic, talking about hair in a class about women breaking into a male-dominated field. Sadly, my experience in the class was dominated by mindless note-taking and the urge to end my suffering with my own pen.

Anyway, I'm sick. I've got the snot and the sneezes and the sore throat. And I am not a good sick person. I wallow. I complain and seek sympathy. And I don't take drugs because I'm concerned that one day, when I really need them, they won't work in my system anymore. So instead, I look a little more pathetic, cough a little louder, and hope someone will make me a cup of tea.

Right now, I would settle for chapstick and sleep, though.

And now, a haiku:
A violent wave breaks
the serene exterior
Don't sneeze in public!!

Oooh, I'm getting my hair chopped off on Sunday! Good bye pollen hair, you bring back too many painful memories...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Funniest thing I've seen all day

Though it is only 7:45am, and my day has so far been dominated by the shower and the Today show...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'd like to say that I've been in Spain for these many days

But that would be a lie. I've just been a very delinquent poster.

My trip to Spain was wonderful - if you'd like to hear stories, please just ask. Here are a few pictures for us to remember my future home by.