Friday, January 28, 2005

A million years later...

I'm back! I didn't go anywhere, though. But I'm still back!

My last semester of my last year of college has started. I began my last class of my last semester of my last year of college this afternoon. I didn't think I'd be all that affected by it, but I think I'm a little ... affected. I thought I was super-ready for school to be over, and I am. But I'm realizing that I won't get to come back to this place anymore. There's going to be a fundamental shift in my life, and though I'm ready for it and can't wait, it means I have to leave everything here behind. Close a door, say goodbye. Even though I can come back and visit, I won't ever be a McDaniel student again. I'm ready, and maybe even a little wistful.

Currently listening to the Killers obsessively. I love them. I love how the sing about murder and heartbreak and letting go. I love the crazy lead singer and wish I could make him less socially awkward when on stage.

Also found out yesterday that, apparently, old whorish habits are hard to break in some boys. Can't say I'm surprised - the kid was a disappointment on almost all fronts, wouldn't expect that to change afterwards. But still, you always hope that people improve themselves even if it isn't for your ultimate benefit. Oh well, it's not my battle to fight.

I love my job. I love my office. The wake up calls aren't even all that bad. Two big papers to write this semester. Fun for all, or really, just me.

Am probably playing tonight. Hmmmm...

Must go to work first!