Sunday, May 28, 2006

The "I Hate Moving" Post

I hate it!! Hate it hate it hate it. Hate it in the kind of way that they told me not to in Sunday School when I was little. The packing and the categorizing, it's too much. I can't look at a fully lived in room and see it neatly packed into boxes. I can't see all of those boxes on the ground and then see them magically arranged in my car in the perfect configuartion. I think "moving" and all I see is a big, treacherous mountain. An unsurmountable....mountain.

And now a list:
My top 10 least favorite things about moving
10. My propensity to create piles.
Instead of moving, I seem to herd things. They don't leave the room, they just leave the place in the room where they were before. Very ineffective
(Note to Courtney - was going to write v. ineffective, but realized that people other than you now read my blog and they might be confused. Have probably underestimated the intelligence of these people, though.)
9. My fight or flight response when moving? If I don't think I'm going to use it in the next two weeks, I'm going to throw it out.
Makes perfect sense at the time, until it's a month later and I need my hair dryer, a bottle of lens solution, and that book I never finished reading.
8. The multiple day move
This type of moving is a big old tease. I get all prepared to pack and sort and toss, but then the three days that I have to do so start looking like an eternity, and why move when I can read a book, and who cares if that book should be packed in a box somewhere - let's go ride bikes!
7. Boxes
I hate them. I pack them too full and then I can't lift them. Then I have to unpack them, which just feels like defeat.
6. Your reward for successfully packing and moving all your stuff?
Unpacking it all. I cannot think of a more disheartening process. It's like writing a novel and then deleting it letter by letter.
5. My bed without sheets makes me sad.
4. Hangers.
I have yet to find a sane way to move hangers. I try to move them all orderly like. I try to keep them facing the same way. But it never works, and they always poke through the bag, get all tangled up, and scratch my leg while I'm carrying ten other things.
3. Unhanging, folding, packing, unfolding, re-hanging all of my clothes
Again, the doing and undoing action is not ying and yang to me, it's just painful.
2. Speaking of Yang
Bonnie has my Grey's Anatomy Season One, leaving me with little to entertain myself with while I pack. West Wing will suffice, but GA's absence is profound.
1. I don't know where I packed my clean underwear.
I see where my dirty laundry is, but have no idea what has become of the top drawer of my dresser. Now, I have to do laundry, which will create more to be folded and packed. Damn you, irony, damn you!!!

My fate is sealed, I move in just under 9 hours from now. Half of my room is packed, my stripped bed is covered in the stuff that I haven't packed (but have masterfully sorted into one big pile), and I am probably going to be sleeping on the floor in the living room, because there isn't the floor space in my room.

It'll be worth it in two weeks when I'm all unpacked, but until then, moving sucks.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Quick update to let you know I'm still alive.

See, I am. Though, you can't see me, you'll just have to trust that I am in fact, still about.

I'm passing a few minutes in my sister's swanky apartment before I head back home. I gotta pack up my stuff before going to the train station. Trains....the preferred mode of travel when the other option is the bus.

Does anyone else think that the Julie Bowen Nutrogena self tanner commercial looks like she's been rolling around in mud? I do.

Sorry, this is really all I can muster right now. I have a lot of lying ahead of me in the two days - packing my apartment up, moving my apartment to my new apartment, GOING TO IKEA FOR THE BEST SALE OF THE YEAR, unpacking my apartment, etc. It's a lot to think about. Perhaps I will take pictures to share with everyone.

Speaking of pictures, there's this beautiful place called Lake Tahoe, everyone should go there. Pictures don't do it justice.

Off to explore the Ikea website for a minute!