Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hushed Tones Drive Musar to Madness

You know, good for Ann Curry for getting the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt interview, but if she doesn't stop feigning this intimate friend/confessor relationship with the poor woman, I'm gonna scream. Ms. Jolie isn't buying it, and neither is anyone else. Use your big girl voice, Ann, speak at full volume and just ask questions.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some 2 am comments from the kitchen

Hi all - I'm hanging out in my mom's kitchen at 2 am. Since I'm not very sleepy, but I can't think of an indepth topic to write about, here's a list of random thoughts that have floated through my head today:

1. When I first got my job (well, my first job there since I'm now on number two) way back in April, 2005, I remember that I was really excited because I was going to able to afford to shop at Banana Republic. I don't know what kind of crazy crack I was smoking because, after three raises and a couple bonuses, I still will not in good conscience plop down $88 on a neutral tone shirt. I'm not sure why I thought greater access to cash would lower my consumer standards.

2. I just found out that one of my old mentees won the Weber Political Science Award, of which I am a former recipient. He was always one of my favorites. I hope he doesn't blow the prize money at Banana Republic.

3. Ghostbusters II is better than Ghostbusters I. But it's hard to believe that Bill Murray was ever a romantic lead.

4. The Lizzie Musar Apple Green iPod Mini lineage has been officially retired as I have just purchased a new white iPod with video. Its name is Fluffy Bunny and I am excited to be impressed with his battery life.

5. Thank goodness the kids of Towson can now enjoy the benefits of H & M, or rather their parents can enjoy the break on their credit cards.

6. I'm a terrible judger. Judge judge judge. But my judging happens on an entirely internal plane, I don't allow my judging to impact my opinions on social services, quality of life, or civil rights. I just think bad things sometimes, I don't act on them.

7. What does that say about me?

8. Honduras is beautiful and hot. Please let me know if you would ever like to go as I will glady fold myself into your luggage for a chance to get back to the jungle.

9. Sleeping under a mosquito net was a little like sleeping in prison. A fanciful fairy princess prison that empasized captivity with a sense of whimsy.

10. A haiku about Mother's Day:
Thanks for the birth, Mom
They say it's pretty painful
Been better since then?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Look at all the places I've been!!

In other news, I'm taking applications for new immune systems as my current one is blowing through my vital organs at an alarming rate.