Thursday, June 28, 2007


There once was a sister named Katie
If a pirate, she'd be me matey
She's my teacher of cool
And an asset to every school
On a scale of 1 to 10, she's an 80

Dear Paris Hilton's Parents,

Your daughter just went on Larry King and said that she needed jail to "make her grow up." She needed to go to JAIL to get some perspective and mature a little.

Maybe you didn't do so well in raising her.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another reason why Apple continues to float my boat

I give you the joys of Photo Booth -

All brought to you by Katie Musar, Long Island hostest with the mostest.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One more thing

A very sad day today, Mr. Wizard has passed away.

I'd like to thank Mr. Wizard for teaching me that:
- you're taller lying down than standing up
- a feather and a quarter fall at the same rate in a vacuum
- you can suck an egg into a bottle using a match and an adult's supervision

Election Update

My guy lost by a landslide.

Turn out = 4.5%

The tagline for the Arlington Sun Gazette Newspaper (which I didn't know even existed until today):
"Reaching the most affluent audience in the DC metro area."


Well, 4.5% of the people spoke and that's that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I voted for change

I voted for the guy that says everyone wants him to lose. He wants to push the limits of the position to really act as an advocate for Arlington's citizens. He has no chance of winning. And the other guy just seems too comfortable. He's stopped trying.

Also, the other guy has this horrible youtube video up with the Chairman of the Arlington County Board of Directors endorsing him and saying that no one is going to be voting in the primary, so at least you won't have to battle the lines at the polls. I don't know when I get to vote against this guy, but it's on. Maybe I'll even run against him. Voter apathy is not an appropriate marketing tool, dude.

A crisis of democracy

There is an election today in Arlington, VA. The Democratic primary is being held from 6 am to 7 pm, and there is only one contested seat on the ballot - Arlington County Treasurer. Two men who don't appear to like each other very much are running the Democratic nomination. I may be the only person intending to vote who doesn't already personally know these guys, because there doesn't seem to be any information about their actual views. What's a voter to do when all she knows about the candidates is they don't like each other?

So here's the crisis - this is a local election. There's no real advertising (I only found out about the election because of Rachel's astute eye spotting a school board sign on the road), the election has received limited press and none of it is focused on educating the voting public. It's all about the antagonism between the two.

Local politics is where the action happens and where the founders intended for the governing to happen, but there's nothing to help a voter out. Have we all adopted a not-in-my-backyard mentality when it comes to politics? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, people!! Why are we only paying attention to the governing body that is most removed from its constituent body?

So, I'm going to the polls today, and I'll cast my vote based on what I've learned during my 25 minutes of exhaustive research. Assuming that they let me vote without my missing voter registration card. I guess conviction only gets you so far.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yo, yo, where my WASPs at?

In the fine tradition of Dynamite Hack, I give you the new ad campaign for another kooky not-vodka Smirnoff drink -