Sunday, January 08, 2006


Welcome to the World, Slimer II

Stupid classical music station, not playing Kelly Clarkson ever. You still suck.


Anonymous said...

Those broadcasting jerks! I do appreciate the swarthy Latin charms of El Zol, but this poaching of rock stations is getting ridiculous! As it turns out, Z104 was not so much taken over by a classical station as pushed off the dial in the game of radio musical chairs. Classical 104.1 is actually Classical 103.5, which has lost ITS old spot to WTOP, whose old spot is going to become a new talk/news radio station to compete with NPR. Just what we needed in the DC area: less rock-n-roll, more people gabbing about politics. I'll get my political gabbery from left-wing websites, thank you very much! In retribution against the pusillanimous potentates who have wrought this sad turn of events, I resolve to spend less time listening to their lame radio commercials and more time taking advantage of my unwieldy music collection. Best of luck with Slimer Fils!

that mckim girl said...

Really? My classical station always plays Kelly Clarkson...weird...