Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some 2 am comments from the kitchen

Hi all - I'm hanging out in my mom's kitchen at 2 am. Since I'm not very sleepy, but I can't think of an indepth topic to write about, here's a list of random thoughts that have floated through my head today:

1. When I first got my job (well, my first job there since I'm now on number two) way back in April, 2005, I remember that I was really excited because I was going to able to afford to shop at Banana Republic. I don't know what kind of crazy crack I was smoking because, after three raises and a couple bonuses, I still will not in good conscience plop down $88 on a neutral tone shirt. I'm not sure why I thought greater access to cash would lower my consumer standards.

2. I just found out that one of my old mentees won the Weber Political Science Award, of which I am a former recipient. He was always one of my favorites. I hope he doesn't blow the prize money at Banana Republic.

3. Ghostbusters II is better than Ghostbusters I. But it's hard to believe that Bill Murray was ever a romantic lead.

4. The Lizzie Musar Apple Green iPod Mini lineage has been officially retired as I have just purchased a new white iPod with video. Its name is Fluffy Bunny and I am excited to be impressed with his battery life.

5. Thank goodness the kids of Towson can now enjoy the benefits of H & M, or rather their parents can enjoy the break on their credit cards.

6. I'm a terrible judger. Judge judge judge. But my judging happens on an entirely internal plane, I don't allow my judging to impact my opinions on social services, quality of life, or civil rights. I just think bad things sometimes, I don't act on them.

7. What does that say about me?

8. Honduras is beautiful and hot. Please let me know if you would ever like to go as I will glady fold myself into your luggage for a chance to get back to the jungle.

9. Sleeping under a mosquito net was a little like sleeping in prison. A fanciful fairy princess prison that empasized captivity with a sense of whimsy.

10. A haiku about Mother's Day:
Thanks for the birth, Mom
They say it's pretty painful
Been better since then?

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that mckim girl said...

Number 9 is very special.

Also, you are wrong about you are wrong about Indiana Jones 2, for instance. The second movie is never, ever better. Never.