Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Celebrity BFF's

With prior posts on the Quaker Oats guy and Charles in Charge, I think I'm officially declairing July to be my month of Blog-tastic Celebrity Fixation.

Celebrities I'd Most Like to be Friends With:
1. Scott Baio - he's just some quirkily messed up
2. Bret Michaels - he's actually kind of funny when he's not sticking his tongue down the throats of desperate women. We can test our blood sugar together, but there's no way I'm sharing needles with that human petri dish - Mama didn't raise no fool.
3. Robbie Williams - whilest recently profiled on MTV Cribs, he broke out with "giz-arden" and "this is where I keep my pants," all with a lovely little accent. The Sound of Music party in the $150,000 home theatre just sealed the deal.
4. Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs guy) - so I can fix him up with my mom
5. Ben Folds - I'd like to learn how to play piano
6. Will Ferrell - he's funny Pearl the Landlord video that everyone has already seen but that I still love

They are all boys. That's weird. I guess that's because I have all the wonderful girl friends a gal could ever need - awwww!!!

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Rachel said...

How did Alison Janney not make this list?