Wednesday, April 23, 2008

List of Things I'll Always Love

I'm trying to do this whole focus on the positive, so here you have it. This is my own personal version of Maria Von Trapp's "Favorite Things"...

1. When Rolf yells "Lieutenant!!" in the convent scene in the Sound of Music - rather, I always love to imitate it.
2. "The Real Slim Shady"- "And be proud to be outta your mind and outta control
and one more time, loud as you can, how does it go?" I don't know why.
3. When CJ tells the Cartographers for Social Justice that flipping the map upside down is freaking her out in Season Two of the West Wing.
4. String intros on great songs - best examples are Nightswimming by REM and No Peace Los Angeles by Mike Doughty
5. Sleeping in the sun
6. Theodore Roosevelt Island
7. My red Thai pants
8. Gummy fried eggs - even if I don't eat them anymore
9. Driving
10. Feeling like a good person because I'm taking the Metro to work instead of driving.
11. Parallel structure in lists and outlines
12. The sound of typing
13. Almost anything Timbaland does
14. Saying "donde," "aqui," y "ahora" completely out of linguistic context
15. The number 104


Katie said...

you know what song i love?
the ODB "fantasy" remix
"me and mariah go back like babies with pacifiers
ol' dirty dog no liar, kickin' fantasy hot like fire

i made my friend drive around campus
when that song came on the radio tonight

that mckim girl said...

Aw, a real post. Yay!

What is so great about the number 104? And I find it interesting that out of all the fantastic West Wing moments, that is the one you chose to include on your list.

Rachel said...

I concur with McKim. There are so many better CJ moments. The Jackal? Getting drunk on the First Lady's birthday? When she falls off the tredmill in the Pilot?! In fact I'm pretty sure I could make a very long list of just favorite CJ moments ever...

Lizzie said...

No, see the point isn't that this is the best CJ moment - this is the CJ moment that always makes me happy!! I didn't start watching West Wing regularly until it was in reruns on Bravo, but I remember watching this episode in its original run, and it was the first time that I recognized the genius that is West Wing. So no, it's not the best moment, but it's the one that I associate with the warming of the frosty cackles of my heart.

And don't hate on my list of happy things! You can't hate on the things that make someone else happy, unless their list is comprised of:
1. nuclear holocaust
2. lynchings
3. necrophilia

Katie said...

i saw in the program of spring awakening
that the dreamy melchior
played rolf in TSOM
so, in your honor, i yelled
"lieutenant!!" at intermission
(ok, maybe i didn't yell it
but i did raise my voice a tad)