Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I kick ass

And if you're either my Political Science Honors Thesis or my History Senior Thesis, then your ass has been kicked through the roof, cause I'm done with you!!! Except for minor revisions, they are both completed and highly praised.

To those of you who told me I couldn't rely on my traditional approach to academia - procrastination - and survive this semester -- SHOVE IT ALL BACK UP YOUR ASSES CAUSE I ROCK!

Wow, this is a very ass heavy posting.

My stupid planner which I have always refused to use is becoming completely saturated with obligations. Days at work, days to visit people, days of nothing but meetings. Defenses, papers being due, housesitting, picnics, outings, teas, dinners. I am quite the senior socialite. My poor planner is totally unaccumstomed to such abuse.

Katie Musar is coming for graduation which officially makes me the happiest girl this side of the Mississippi. While she is here I plan on stealing her return ticket so she will have to stay with me forever.

I have like three pending emails I have to send, so I'm gonna do that and be a good person once again.

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