Thursday, April 21, 2005

Semester check-in

So it's getting to the end again. Little difference, this time it is the real end. The graduation end. I'm waiting for the wistful to begin. I'm also waiting for me to finish my honors paper because I really feel I have no control over this. I mean, really, it's not like I can actually set my mind to writing my paper. Totally out of my hands.

Good news of recent past -

I got a kick ass, aren't-you-jealous-of-me job for after graduation. I will be working at Rare Conservation, an international environmental non-profit in Arlington, VA/DC. I will be moving to the DC area. I will not be living with my mother. I got an incredible package and a lot of money. Even more, I'll be doing something that I love on an issue that I care about. I FUCKING WIN THE GAME OF COLLEGE! No post-college unemployment for me. This kid is moving out and moving up.

- I had a wonderful internship which I love and will probably miss for the rest of my life.
- My history senior sem is turned in. Only awaiting the defense where I WILL NOT CRY.
- Spring Fling is coming up. It will be raining. This is obviously bad news.
- My alternator stayed alive for the 40 miles after its first signs of death, ensuring that I actually got to the garage safely and without the aid of a tow truck. Also, I had the money to pay for a new alternator. Also, I know exactly how an alternator works and what it does in the car. This always makes me feel better when I have to have something replaced. If I know what it does, I can justify the expense.
- Getting Phi Beta Kappa. I hear there's a secret handshake.

Other good things to look forward to:
- Spring Fling
- Graduation with my loads of cords
- Finishing this stupid paper
- The new Mike Doughty album coming out soon
- Katie Musar possibly returning to the East Coast
- Life to come

Bad thing:
- Stupid distracting Facebook. Making me post my blog, which I now feel I need to update. Papers don't write themselves, you know!

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Anonymous said...

I can't get onto facebook. Access is denied from work, which is very strange. Eh.

You don't blog enough. I blog constantly.

I think Jack Johnson is singing in Spanish. Maybe it's just early. Why does everyone think that, to be cool, they have to sing in Spanish?

I don't sing in Spanish and I define cool.

I'm so not signing my name, cuz I don't have to. I clicked 'Anonymous'.