Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh the joys of family!

If your not a Powers, I pity you. The Powers is the best lineage ever. We are of questionable background - there may be some Scottish or French or maybe even Welch in this blood, but we are in fact the best. For only at a Powers family function can you rename your aunt's dessert contribution Aunt Ann's Famous Couter AND have your grandmother laugh heartily and repeat the joke. Oh, Ann's famous couter - delish!

Fun things that happened today - got to go to the International Spy Museum and tour the Natural History Museum again. In a most disturbing turn of events, I watched the birth of a kanagroo baby about three times because I just couldn't turn away from it. It was hypnotic. Yuck. Kangaroos and their half-born babies are just gross.

Brendan's laptop is about to die, so this will have to be it for now.

Katie's blog readers - leave comments on my blog, I've been keeping it up longer!! Haha, that sounds dirty. I meant I've been blogging longer, which really isn't much to be proud of. Off to rediscover my lost knitting skills for a Upton's baby booties!


Courtney McKim said...

Comment Whore.

So true.

Also, Lizzie is a nut job who believes (like so many new age websites that I just checked out to see if this was true or not) that the moon influences our periods.

Anyway, peace out, Lizzie. The world loves just doesn't always comment.

Blue Moon Mama said...

Dear Lizzie,

This is a most excellent blog. Entertaining. Witty. Sophisticated. But I worry about you. You updated your blog because "anonymous" told you to. Now, if anonymous told you to jump off a bridge, would you do so? What if anonymous tried to tempt you with illegal drugs? What if anonymous tried to recruit you to the Republican party?

You've got to watch out for the power of anonymous.

Yours truly,

FOK (Friend of Katie)

Courtney McKim said...

Sophisticated? Witty?

Lizzie, I'm sorry, but I think FOK was reading someone else's blog.