Sunday, February 12, 2006

A few thoughts before bed...

1. Story number one on the evening news - Dick Chaney accidentally shoots his friend in the face while hunting. That's right - guns don't kill people, Dick Chaney kills people. But we all knew that already. There isn't even irony here, just a sick, sick undeniable truth that HE SHOT SOMEONE. And the quail got away anyway. I say good for quail. As for the poor, millionaire lawyer who got shot in the face, that's what happens when you fraternize with Republicans.

2. Only ONE meterologist is necessary for each network newscast. Really, the whole "weather team on the street" is just a waste of bored camera men and airtime. Maybe, had the entire eastern seaboard's investigative journalism force not been so wrapped up in Snowy February 2006, we would have known that THE VICE PRESIDENT HAD SHOT SOMEONE a little sooner. Also, do you think that it's good for Weatherman #4's only job to be going outside in the parking lot and sticking a ruler in the snow. This can't be good for his self-esteem.

3. They blew up Early Edition! I watched him get BLOWN UP and Meredith got all of his pink mist on her. I should have known when they brought up the whole pink mist thing to begin with, my fault. The show was fantastic except for the fact that it's a giant tease. Actually, it's worse than tease, but I can't use that word here because my mom reads my blog :). All that build up, all that emotion, and then he comes over to tell her that he's glad she didn't die, and that her hair smelled like flowers. Seriously? Cause that's not cutting it. I needed some sustained meaningful eye-contact. Something!

And now I'm going to bed, where I may dream about bomb squads, unfulfilling relationships, and George cradling a very pregnant Dr. Bailey as she yelled at him for checking out her coochie-snoorcher.


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nevermind said...

I too was under the impression that Meredith and Early Edition were going to get it on, or at least have a Barry White moment in an elevator to make her reconsider her whole not being over McDreamy thing - and then BOOM!