Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Allergy Blues

Blog readers, meet my mortal enemy - pollen. Tonight, as I sit in bed unable to sleep and unable to breathe, I am reminded yet again that nature blows.

Further evidence of my extreme narcissism - I chose this picture because the shape of the molecular structure reminds me of my hair. It's twisty spirals in some parts and straightaway waves in others. Incidently, the structure of insulin is very similar and also resembles my hair, as I announced loudly to my Women in Science classmates junior year. Ironic, talking about hair in a class about women breaking into a male-dominated field. Sadly, my experience in the class was dominated by mindless note-taking and the urge to end my suffering with my own pen.

Anyway, I'm sick. I've got the snot and the sneezes and the sore throat. And I am not a good sick person. I wallow. I complain and seek sympathy. And I don't take drugs because I'm concerned that one day, when I really need them, they won't work in my system anymore. So instead, I look a little more pathetic, cough a little louder, and hope someone will make me a cup of tea.

Right now, I would settle for chapstick and sleep, though.

And now, a haiku:
A violent wave breaks
the serene exterior
Don't sneeze in public!!

Oooh, I'm getting my hair chopped off on Sunday! Good bye pollen hair, you bring back too many painful memories...

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