Monday, November 06, 2006

The Pre-Election Day Post

Hi everybody. Thought I'd chime in on this, the eve of many an important election across this great country. I have a lot of hope for this election day. I don't know if the tides will change and tables will turn, but I am almost positive that at the hateful TV ads will go away for another two years. I am also almost positive that either the Maryland or Virginia Senate races will end up going to court for a final resolution. Thanks to Heroes ("Save the cheerleader, save the world.") I'm having some trouble with coherency right now, so here a few randow thoughts about the democratic process:

1. This morning on the Today show, Bill O'Reilly said "War is a performance and hope is a policy." Now hold on a minute, the Republicans DO NOT get to steal the platform of optimism. The Republicans, who only know how to win votes by telling you there's something out there to be afraid of, CAN NOT try to become the party of hope. Republicans - downers, Democrats - irresponsibly idealistic. Republicans - party of no, Democrats - party of sure, but we don't know how.

2. I wrote my Political Science thesis two years ago (wow, two years ago) on the future of mandatory voting measures in the US. I spent a good bit of that paper defending a person's right to not vote. And I still do. But not voting is like not brushing your teeth. Of course you have the right not to do it, but why the hell wouldn't you want to? Educate yourself and vote, buy some tooth paste and brush away. Voting is free, too!

3. I think that the Mike Doughty song "Move On" best represents my feelings about America:
all of the words you can't say right
burn my ass with anger to no end
i love my country so much man
like an exasperating friend

yeah, i believe the war is wrong
don't believe that nations can be steered
lead the world by smarts and compassion
by example, not coercion, force and fear

down in the mouth and not half right
but i can feel the changes comin on
bloom like the flowers in bluest night
bloom like the sunlight in my song

4. And on one final note, please vote for my personal dreamboat, Martin O'Malley


that mckim girl said...

This was a good post- I am going to have to find that Mike Doughty song and make it my own.

Wasn't somebody supposed to make me a Mike Doughty Mix? Hmmm?

Also: do you watch Heroes? Cuz I do, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

You know I already voted, and it was for MM (and not Mike Musar).

Lizzie, you are so smart. It must be your maternal genes coming out.

Call me tonight (after Dog the Bounty Hunter).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot that I'm supposed to sign this.

xox, Your Momma

Rachel said...


Also, your, like, entire state (as in the state you live in not the state you vote in) went Republican, sorry homeslice.

that mckim girl said...


Why you have to out me like that?

I didn't vote, and it was stupid, but it wasn't intentional. I had some absentee ballot troubles...the trouble being I was under the impression it could all be done on election day, and it could not.

Thanks, Rachel. You put my last name out there and everything.