Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thailand 2k7 Resolutions

So I leave for Thailand is less than one week. In fact, I leave for Thailand in 6 days and 15 hours. I think we can all safely assume that this is going to be a trip unlike any other in the life of Lizzie Musar, so I've taken the liberty of making a few resolutions before I go.

1. I will not walk around Thailand with my iPod in my ears.
This may be the only time that I will ever walk the streets of Bangkok and beyond, and I don't want to miss the sounds of Thailand because I was too busy listening to John Mayer. In fact, I won't even bring my iPod with me. If anything, I'll bring my recently rediscovered discman so I can buy and rock out to the foreign hip hop I always end up becoming facinated with when I travel overseas.

2. I will sample whatever food is placed in front of me.
Including dog, if it comes to that. This may be a vicious rumor, but the good people of Southeast Asia may have been eating dog, cat, and any other cute animal for a long time now, so it's probably safe. There is nothing separating a dog or monkey from the fish that I just ate for dinner, so I will embrace the culture of my hosts (not Kristin Ritter, who has most decidedly NEVER eaten dog).

3. I will not go cheap.
Granted I have things to save for and it's never a good idea to waste money, but I don't think I'll regret spending some extra cash to experience all that I can during my two weeks in Thailand.

4. I will overcome my hated of touch and indulge in many fine massages.
Some of you know that I do not like to be touched. Well, I'm going to the capital of threapeutic massage and my neck and left shoulder have been hurting me for the past month. Coincidence? I think not.

I think that's probably enough for now.


Katie said...

do NOT eat dog!
(and by the way, please put me back on your
blogs of interest--i am hurt)

i think you should idea item 5
"spread the legend of the musar sisters"
you can talk about good deeds and how we bring joy to whomever we encounter
like carrie, the delightful t-mobile lady

i'll let you know how my insurance works out
maybe you can call for me?

Rachel said...

I think #6 should be: Bring Rachel back something wicked cool because I still have her cellphone charger and earring.

But that's just a guess.

Also, Am I going to be in Europe while you're in Thailand?! We'll be travelers together (...but kind of apart).

that mckim girl said...

#7- Ditto on #6 for this kid.

Anonymous said...

Rule No. 3 is THE most important. Buy everything you want--esp. something wonderful for your mama! You might never get back there again--they'll have unique and terrific things--just do it!