Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Notes from a Tokyo airport

Hi all! I'm in Narita International Airport in Tokyo. My flight to Bangkok has been slightly delayed (eh, what's four hours between allies? Gives 'em more time to get my bag on the new plane!), so I've had some time to explore the Japanese retail aviation scene. Here are my observations so far:

1. Place your money in the little tray on the counter, not in the saleslady's hand. She won't know what to do with it if you put it in her hand. It will throw her for concentration. This also just seems like a more polite way of handling things.

2. I heart Japan for one simple reason - my grilled squid for dinner came with a side of mayo for dipping! Dipping mayo, just like Canada! It was beyond delicious.

3. There is a wonderful store call Comme Ca. If I had a lot of money to blow, I would spend it there. Lots of t shirts with Japanese characters saying odd things in English.

4. The English translations are very good and get the point across, but still make me giggle. "Make a 100 yen coin to commence me up" = "Please insert 100 yen to begin Internet service."

5. The Japanese have taken candy to a whole new level. Everything looks so sickeningly sweet and gooey'ed that even if I could eat it, I probably wouldn't. But I like to stare at it.

6. Japanese airport shopping mean Hermes, Coach, and Versace. To

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