Sunday, February 25, 2007

I bring you the McRice Burger

It's true, I have returned from my epic trek to and across Thailand! Needless to say, it was a fantastic trip! Buddhas, beaches, wicked high temperatures, and thrice-weekly massages appear to add up to the perfect vacation.

Natural beauty and cultural exploration aside, one of my favorite and most cherished Thailand memories was found just down the street from my adoped home in the Sathorn district of Bangkok. I'm not talking about the super-cool spirit house on the corner or even the grouping of working ladies and men that apparently came out after dark (I never saw them, though, so I think the Thai prostitution industry is more centralized in other parts of the city. Parts that good girls don't frequent.). No, I'm talking about the latest culinary delight cooked up by the McDonald's Corporation. I'm talking about THE MCRICE BURGER!!

First introduced to the concept by Mrs. Kristin Ritter, I could not wait to try this delicacy for myself. Below, I give you the pictoral replay of my introduction to unexpected deliciousness.

1. An ad piques my interest in this new concept. You'll note that the McRice Burger adheres to the three basic burger tenets:
1. A grain based bun - In this case, pressed rice patties
2. A meat or meat like filler - Thailand gives you the option of chicken or pork. Yum!
3. Ruffage - Lettuce AND colorful cabbage

2. A welcoming Ronald McDonald wai's me into my local franchise. Wai-ing is a Thai form of respect.

3. "Thanks, Ronald, don't mind if I do. I hear you've got a wonderful new Asian treat that my Anglo tastebuds just can't wait to try!"

4. An ingenius marketing concept, the McRice Burger box is not only stylish, but also functional - it's designed to also be a useful sandwich holder.

4. Chicken or pork? I want an experience; I'll go for pork!

5. Look at all that goodness.

6. I take a moment to mentally prepare.

7. Words have literally failed me, though I hope this picture properly conveys my culinary delight.

8. A truly satisfied customer, and, dare I say, a lifelong convert to the temple of the McRice Burger.


Katharine said...

You're BACCCCKKKKKKK!!! That's the best new ever... perhaps McRice Burger is a close second.

Kritter said...

E-Whizzle - Come back! The McRice burger misses you - and Tim and I miss you too!