Monday, January 07, 2008

A question and a chunk

I was successfully declared an excellent candidate for LASIK eye surgery today. Now all I need to do is agree to let someone I don't know SHOOT LASERS AT MY EYES!!! But first, I'm get to pay him a tremendous amount of money. So, I ask the Internet community, should I sign my thick corneas up for some LASIK action?

Now, let's get back to 2007 and the stuff I didn't know:
24. How thick my corneas are.
25. How long Anna Karenina is.
26. That it can be 70 degrees on Thanksgiving.
27. I may actually prefer an alternative Thanksgiving menu of salmon and eggplant parmagiana.
28. I make a wicked vegetable soup from scratch.
29. Funny people aren't funny without writers.
30. I'd start to feel moderately competent at my job.
31. My job will always feel incredibly difficult.
33. Scott Baio was a real cad for a while there.
34. Eat, Pray, Love would rock my socks in a low key introspective way.
35. That I'm really good at backbends in yoga.
36. The return of Aaron Sorkin with Charlie Wilson's War is good, but doesn't make up for the post-Sorkin West Wing funk.
37. The name Judd Aptow.
38. I'm not ready for Thai massage. I don't think I'll ever be ready for Thai massage.
39. To be properly feng shui'd, the bed cannot face towards the door.
40. I would inherit a beta fish named Fishy.
41. One morning, we would find Fishy swimming around with what looked like a popped gill.
42. Fishy popped his gill because he was constipated.
43. Fish get constipated.
44. Even if they bloom early, the cherry blossoms really are worth all the fuss.
45. I'd become an eeensy bit obsessed with a Broadway show called Spring Awakening.
46. Chicken Lizzie is a name that sticks.
47. Flying around in a 15 seater plane isn't that scary.
48. Having the window in front of you pop open is a little scary.
49. I'm getting really good at cooking tofu.
50. After starting Atonement in February, I'd finally get past page 30 on December 19th and be finished with it by December 22nd.

Some more to come. Please feel free to suggest categories, if you like.


that mckim girl said...


34- Eat, Pray, Love? Really? I've wondered about that book.
36- Umm, in discussing the return of Aaron Sorkin, you are neglecting the fantastic 'Farnsworth Invention,' which I've now seen twice, for a total of $26.25. See it!
45- Jaimie's friend Lauren is going to let me know when stage seats next go on sale if you're still interested.

Katie said...

hey mckim
the eldest musar is interested in
getting a piece of that sweet broadway action

and now to the musar
thank goodness you didn't tell me
about the windows on your plane

i am greatly enjoying this little exercise of yours
keep up the good work Chicken Lizzie!

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, I had the old PRK surgery on my eyes and I LOVE it. By all means do the Lasik. It beats contacts (which I could no longer wear anyway) clear to hell and back. Do it do it do it!

Prude (aka your real mother)