Thursday, December 09, 2004

Approaching the end

With one badminton final tomorrow (today), one paper, and one exam to go - I'm almost done with Fall Semester 2004. And I couldn't be happier.

I'm finishing this sucker out on top, though. The bad things tried to keep me down, they threw boulders in my path and stuck gum in my hair, but I came through with flying freaking colors!! Jerks...go find someone else to bother, I'm done with you.

As the actual ends grows ever closer, I realize that I am completely ready to leave this place. Heck, I'm ready to put my sneakers on and sprint out, and I don't sprint anywhere. I got what I needed from McDaniel College, most of all the understanding that I am ready for things beyond this place. But I wish I had realized this two weeks before graduation instead of two semesters. Now I'm just treading water until I can get out.

In the meantime, I can do such fun things as:
- decorate my future apartment in my head.
- fill my future closet in my head.
- plan my future career and wedding.
- actually decide what I'm doing next year.

Current options for post-grad include:
- Peace Corps
- teaching English in foreign lands like Thailand, where I will certainly be picked up for drug trafficking 'cause it's just what happens to white girls over there.
- getting a respectable job in the field of public policy
- getting another job to pay my bills when public policy proves unprofitable.
- get one unfulfilling job to pay all of bills.
- find sugar daddy, retire into life of leisure and pool boys. and gardeners. and handy men. and male escorts.
- eh, grad school....but i don't want that yet. I need to learn stuff first.

But right now, I'm headed off to bed. Or reading more of the messed up life of Tatum O'Neal.
My favorite line so far - "but denial in my mother ran as deep as her love for amphetamines." ... though I'm sure there will be more to come.

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