Sunday, December 05, 2004

So it starts again

Look, a new blog! I love new blogs! I love new blogs a lot, especially when they distract me from my massive unwritten paper. Blogs rock. In related news, I hate the word "blog."

So I mysteriously deleted my last weblog. We're not sure how, but it is in fact gone. Luckily, it had nothing of value in it. Just the bitter ramblings of a bitter, bitter girl. Who knows where all that came from?

I figured out the other day that I have been to over 50 live concerts in my life. Live concerts, in this case, meaning shows for which a ticket was purchased and I probably stood with a varying number of other fans waiting for onstage inspiration and rock god-ness to float down to us, NOT high school, middle school, elementary school, college, etc. shows of choral/band/orchestral excellence. Over 50. That's a hell of a lot of ticket money!

It all started with REM in '95 probably. I was 12, Katie Musar decided she didn't like Gary anymore, I guess, and I got the benefit. I believe it was at this show that I learned the "stand with arms crossed and sway" technique I'm so fond of.

Soul Coughing, REM again, Mike Doughty lots of times, Jimmy Eat World, Three Doors Down I think more than once, Oleander, Radiohead, Fuel, Eve6 twice, They Might Be Giants an insane number of times, Ben Folds, Ben Folds, Ben Folds, Vanessa Carlton and some band called RubyHorse, Maroon5 twice, John Mayer three times, Mary Prankster, Mike Doughty some more, Howie Day, Greenmachine, Switchfoot, maybe Reel Big Fish, hopefully Mary Prankster again, more I can't remember. David Gray was in there somewhere. Wait, Counting Crows, too! Dropkick Murphys, but I didn't really listen.

That's a lot of shows! And I'm sure I have Katie Musar to thank for all of it. She is probably why I am such a show snob who hates to dance and hates the people around her. I'm there for the music, not to overhear why the Lo-esque girl next to me hates the song being played right now.

And I can't even tell you which was the best of them all. Prankster was certainly a barrel of fun, but so was the first time I saw John Mayer and the last time I saw Ben Folds. Howie Day was amazing, but I was really tired and a little cranky. Then there was the time I was convinced Michael Stipe was actually singing "At My Most Beautiful" to me, a great many rows and sections back.

I've never beem drunk or high at a show, which I think is commendable. I've only seen people get carried out a few times (stupid kids at Jimmy Eat World, crazy punk kids), I've crowd surfed once and will probably never do it again cause it's not fun having to get back to your friends. I've made friends with people around me, I've pissed off people around me. It's all in good, live show fun.

Don't know what brought all of this on, perhaps it's that I do have a 20 page unwritted paper due in two days and no desire to write or think about it. Perhaps it's because I love my history and this is a part of it. But it's probably the paper.

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Katie said...

lizzie musar
we are the concert going sisters
we rock!
we need to go to a show when you are in seattle
but we are definitely going to go to a
cupcake store!!!