Monday, December 06, 2004

Still have that paper to write...

I had to turn in my ODK survey today - a list of all the things I've done at this school, activities, awards, positions, etc. I hate doing these things! I always feel like they are just asking me to pander to the horribly judgemental captains of school spirit on campus. "I know I wasn't on SGA, but look I did all this other stuff. Look at all that service, and so many leadership positions! I am the best Cathy College-girl ever!" Like my experiences over the past four years are supposed to justify me as a person.

But really, I hate that they throw me into competition with all the other little achievers out there. We all do stuff! You can't live in a place like a college campus and not get involved in something, it's impossible. Someone will drag you somewhere and, lo and behold, look at that - you have a new interest! So why do we all need to line our activities up and measure them against each other. So I don't like SGA but someone else does, that doesn't necessarily mean that I am less engaged or influential on campus. Why can't we all just exist and be happy with our own accomplishments and revel in the successes of others at the same time? Jeez, I hate competition.

I don't need your validation, damnit!!!


I do need to write my stinking paper though. Yucky, stupid paper.

The most important part of college is the people you connect with and the understanding of yourself you develop. NOT THE CLUBS YOU JOIN OR HOW MUCH YOU CAN CONVINCE ETHAN SEIDEL YOU ROCK!

Yeah, so procrastination is officially the new black. Off to create. Or maybe just make tea...

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