Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Did you know...

75% of all women will contract chlamydia at some point in their lives?

human trafficking is the new human rights issue this year?

apparently all a girl needs to look refreshed and ready for the day is white eyeliner on the bottom lid and a little brown (not black mascara) with some bronzy tinted moisturizer?

fur vests are very chic?

I learned all of these things today from a Glamour magazine at the Info Desk. Then I wept for women everywhere. Except for the ones profiting off of those of us who actually pay for such trash, them I shook my fist at.

Also, 95% of women polled masturbate more than once a week.

I have my first and only exam tomorrow. It's Comparative Politics of Western European Polities. I just don't want to write the essays. It's gonna be at least three essays, and I just don't have the energy to write them all out. Tests are so taxing. I would much rather prefer a nice long discussion with the professor than 3 bluebooks of solid writing.

Heather's contacts are bothering her. So is Dr. Johnson-Ross. But we're allowed to chastise the contacts, not a lady with her PhD.

Yay, we're gonna go see Mary Prankster!!! It's Heather and me, and whatever band of traveling idiots would like to join us for a New Year's at Fletcher's. Of course, as I will have just landed in Baltimore at 9 am that morning, after taking off from Seattle at 10 pm the night prior, I will be in the BEST of spirits, and I'm sure so much fun to be around! That's why they made the New Year's Eve two drink special, for little ladies like me who don't need anymore than that. Actually, the two drink special is intended for those souls who can't stop after the first two, luckily I've managed to avoid that little monkey pit.

Yeah, test tomorrow. I'm supposed to study with the Fratto tonight. And I'll study tomorrow. But it's not gonna be my lack of knowledge that'll get me, it'll my complete lack of interest. I just don't give a damn.

Tatum O'Neal's life, if I haven't filled you in - TRAGIC! But she's bringing it back. I'm sure the book deal and tour helped with that.

Thanks to HJK, my new favorite song is "Mr. Morton" by SkeeLo. "And what the predicate says he does." As someone who still doesn't understand the predicate nominative or adjective and took lots of Latin, still without understanding the concept of linking verbs, this song is a lifesaver. And I heart SkeeLo. I wish I could be his girl who looked good so he would call me.

I'm thinking of downloading iTunes. But not really jazzed about it, I no like the Apple Corp. right now. No real reason, just a feeling.

OK, Mr. Morton is getting kinda stalkerish at the end of the song.

What I learned from John Mayer Has A TV Show - John Mayer is a douchebag. Or more correctly, a J-hole. You brought it on yourself, dude, when you decided you were cooler than your fans.

I should make some dinner. Sorry for the inconsistency of this little entry. There ain't much consistency in this mind of mine these days...


Anonymous said...

Yes, John Mayer is a douchebag. He changed. No me gusta.
Gotta say that I was honestly intrigued by the white eyeliner thing. Then i smacked myself.
Hooray SkeeLo. he's so hotster.
Jealous of the Pranksterness.
And you should download iTunes! b/c then you can listen to anyone's music on campus that has it and is sharing, including me! :o) I'm likin it. It came with my free ipod :o)
I miss you, Lizziekadizzie. Hopefully next semester we can get some UPU big-little time! Have a great Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Never ever complain about my infrequent livejournal posts again. You have no right. You have not posted on this journal for years. Obviously.

~ Courtney McKim