Sunday, December 12, 2004

Stupid book

Am currently reading stupid book aimed at teaching women to stop trying to read subliminal messages in the actions and words of men and just realize that, in reality, they're probably "just not that into you." Hate this book for a variety of reasons.

1. It's right. No woman should have to live her life trying to decode a man's actions to fit them into her low-balled expectation for what we consider a relationship. It breaks all of the rules in the little games that TV, movies, and life has taught me about male-female relationships.

2. It's sad that women need a book to tell them to stop making excuses for their crappy boyfriends and just realize it's going nowhere and they are just being needlessly hurt.

3. There's apparently an epidemic of crappy boyfriends out there who are too cowardly to say how they actually feel, instead preferring to ignore, cheat on, and confuse the women they call their girlfriends. Sadly, I knew this before. Stupid personal experience...(lots of fist shaking) Would have preferred to labor under the illusion that this was a one-time deal, not 50/50 or worse chance in any given relationship as book suggests.

4. I find the book insulting. It's content matter, tone, general message - I don't need some man reformed through marriage telling me all the stuff that women do wrong that hurts them time and again.

5. Apparently, I actually do need some man reformed through marriage telling me all the stuff that women do wrong that hurts them time and again, because it all makes sense now.

6. Have secret fear now that if I don't settle for one of the emotional fuckwits mentioned in the book, I will never find anyone to live up to my rather reasonable standards and will in fact die alone. Book doesn't really address that, saying only that the author firmly believes that there is a perfect person for everyone, someone who makes their partner feel adored and wonderful and inspires the same in return. A little too optimistic to be believable, if you ask me.

7. Book very boldly proclaims "He's Just Not That Into You" on the cover, making it hard to read in public.

8. Book, in attempting to return some of the control in relationships to women, makes me feel powerless.

9. It cost thirteen dollars, I can think of a lot better stuff I can do with thirteen bucks than have my world turned upside down.

10. Hating it makes me feel vindicated for now owning it.

I don't know what to do with this book. Is it like all of those other horrible books for women? Is it just preying on the insecurities of women? Is it creating insecurities in women? The stuff in it makes sense, but it's certainly a bitter pill to swallow. This book might have saved me a good deal of heartache earlier this year, however. But I feel as if, at it's core, I should be offended by it. Humph.

I'm going to bed, I think. Bed never hurt me. Bed has never sent me mixed messages that I then interpreted in an unrealistic manner. Bed is simple and good. Boys are not.


Anonymous said...

Think you should probably never lend me this book, as I do not think I could handle the consequences. Prefer my ignorance.

Anonymous said...

This entry was very Bridget Jones-esque...